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No. But to prove it, you must jump from Torquemada with the Jaded Tursk, landing will survive and you must kill exactly five banditos. (dudes with white horses and those shotguns, no hats.) After that, there will be a green dot on your map that will lead you to a chest. Open it, go up to Tall Trees. Once you have the amulet, bears won't attack you. Sounds all weird, but it works completely. Up there, you'll find the treasure under a pile of burning bodies. Note, when you take the treasure you will get ambushed by lawmen. Fight them off, and wait for a man on a pale horse to come. He'll reward you, and a whole new quest will start. To do this quest, you must find a bear with exactly four legs. FOUR. You must kill this bear with an explosive rifle, then skin it. The man will draw a gun, and start shooting at you. You must hogtie him, bring him into El Coronaz, and then shoot all of the shopkeepers. Once then, you will need to turn any cheats off and fight the waves of enemies. After that happens, a large bird will fly over head. Kill it, and take it's feathers. You've won the game, go fuck yourself.