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yesI don't think so. Although one can't be sure because the plotline are set over 50 years before those of its in thw west so noI don't think so, but who knows?Perhaps. But Red dead is also taking place in a different time period. Maybe the clever rockstar producers are hiding something from us.There is no proof that they are in the same universe because the storys are both compleately diffrent time frames and since they are diffrent series they dont have any easter eggs because rockstar doesnt make any easter egg's of their other seriesdefine universe? they are both fictional games based in america, though rdr is not based in liberty city, if thats what you meanNoRed Dead is in 1911, GTA is in 2000 something, so maybe its in the same locations but everything is changedNO maybe. depends if rockstar link a few 'easter eggs' of references. Duh, our universemaybe It's possible, some characters have the same surnames, Like Manny Escuala(GtaIV) and Javier Escuala(Red Dead Redemption)NO

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