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I found a flying rock somewhere near Armadillo, did you see anything strange?

I have seen a flying deer

I shave seen 3 times in different places guys on horses riding through the air

Check out the cougggar man on youtube

speaking of youtube i have seen the "manbearpig" bug

I was once riding along in Macfarlane Ranch, and I just fell through the ground into mexico.

Best glitch i've seen so far is "Flying birdpeople" (search youtube for it). it's good for a laugh. :P

I was doing the mission where you go on the raft with Irish to Mexico. When I was taking cover, suddenly, I flew straight up into the air. Then, it said "Mission Failed. You abandoned Irish." I almost died laughing.

I tried to skin a dog that I killed. John took his Winchester Repeater off his back and began to skin the dog with it.

Search Youtube for 'Red Dead Skydiving Glitch' That can be fun on public freeroam with people trying to kill you.

Note: The skydiving glitch has been fixed as of the last patch :(

When I shot my last buffalo in single player, it floated up about 3 feet off the ground, and shot off into the horizon... as such, I only was able to get 19 buffalo skins... :-/

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