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I'd say the fastest way to travel is on the black standardbreds back. That is the fastest mount in the game. But if you're lazy, then set up camp and pick "travel to destination" then set a way-point on the map. You can either press select, press R1 or RB I think, and select basic campsite, then press a or x then choose your destination. Either that, or look for an exclamation mark, and it will take you to where you want to go.In singleplayer, by jumping into a stage coach, picking where you want to go, and paying the driver--or setting up a campsite. In multiplayer, most towns have a wagon wheel to check, which brings up the fast travel menu.Use your camp and press A on XBOX or X ON PS3 And Select the locationYou point your destination on map, then you use campfire in your kit and select "travel to destination"Have the Improved Campsite or have a few apples and horse pills if you have the War Horse, American Standardbred, Kentucky Saddler, Hungarian Half-bred in Redemption. The Four Horses of Apocalypse in Undead Nightmare.

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