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This could work after patch 1.3 but not any further

You go up north in new austin and go up a hill (carfull for cougars & boars) you get to the top of the hill but don't go any further (because leads to a dead end) and go left and go down the hill (but not at the bottom) and you will see two trees/bushesgo around the 1st one then jump your horse over the second bush taking you under the map and take you out of the map......this may take many trys as you is shall spawn you at random places, leave you under the map (if you where falling under the map and your horse dies and you fall faster than your dead horse), have invisible wall push you off of a perfect spawn, however you must spawn past the invisible wall to do that you must spawn close to the tree.

If you got out of the map explore! !!!WARNING!!! THERE IS A "LINE" THAT YOU CAN'T PASS IF YOU PASS IT YOU WILL KEEP FALLING IN THERE FOREVER you can find it by shooting the ground they vary in colours in the landscape in the Redempion world e.c.t Tall trees Snow blended with Theves Landing Mud, Mc Farlanes Grass blended with Chrolla Springs Sand. They have a glitchy kind of ground like the game loads slow anything can fall though it.

Sorry for mistakes.

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