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You are not able to play the missions again. The only way possible is to start a new save slot.start a new game....go to journal then go to missions then just choose the mission you want to replay click on the mission and theyre you gopause the game go to stats and hit missions you can replay all the missions youve donepress the pause button. It says journal, right? So select journal, than select the mission lettering that pops up. It says the list of missions, and you're able to select any of them to replay.Go to the pause menu, and go to the 'STATS' section. From there , you will see a sub-heading called 'MISSIONS' ( not completely sure but you should find it ) You will now be able to replay any story mission you have previously completed, albeit with limited weapons and no outfit choice :Dhit pause then go to stats finaly press missionspoep go to stats, Missions, pick 1 and thats it go to stats, then missions.Go into stats, press missions and pick the mission you want to do! :Dpress repla missonsIn your START menu, go to STATS. Then choose MISSIONS. You can replay them from here.