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Yes, archer Fordham is clearly present and can be killed. Edgar Ross is also present but the crosshair will turn blue and you are unable to kill him (unfortunatly) Have fun killing that double crossing son of a bitch! :Dyes u can. Just aim for the guys in bowler hats during the final showdown in front of the barnIt's not present, But kill edgar ross :)yes yes, if u have aiming set on "casual" it will automaticly aim at him first when exiting the he is not present

Yes he is. I killed him and saw his body lying there in the end cutscene.

He is. Even if you dont have casual aiming, its pretty easy to find him. Ross stands out cos hes wearing a grey suit instead of black like the other agents. Even if you mark him, he wont die, so dont bother. however the agent next to him (i think its to john's right) is archer. target him and he'll be dead in the cutscene

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