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I would Like To see twin revolvers a bow n arrow fo the native americans new towns for undead overun and prown so you can ambush people on hardcore with your bow and arrow or tomahawk I just think it would be and yes people say its outdated because of the automobile but you cant ride in one so please dont use it as an exuse oh and its way more realistic than donkra (zebra donkey)

i totally agree with all of that. ive wanted twin revolvers and a bow and arrow since i first got the game. i'd also like to see explosives that you could set on the ground and detonate from a distance. maybe some more horse breeds, game modes/ maps, gang hideouts (cochinay, wreck of the serendipity?). also maybe some more side missions in single player, maybe some only unlocked after completion of the storyline, so theres actually stuff to do after it (if you already did everything else)

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