Welcome to Red Dead Answers. What would you like to know?

Welcome to Red Dead Answers!

  1. The rules are pretty simple. You can ask anything on this Wiki as long as it has to do with Red Dead Redemption or Red Dead Revolver. It can be in game or out of the game but has to be reasonable.
  2. If your question is not understandable, you will get an answer saying: Be more specific in your question Or Be more specific.
  3. The answers on this Wiki must be related to the question and try to be worded correctly.
  4. The questions should not contain insults. The user who is responsable for asking a question such as this will be blocked for 3 days.
  5. No putting images into a question page, unless it is needed.
  6. Be civil when you talk to other Users.

If you need any help you many contact any of the admins:

User:Ilan xd

Failure to comply with these rules will mean you will be warned and then banned from editing.

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