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Questions on this wiki are too breif!

I have been a active member ,if not the most active member on this wiki. Since then I have noticed that the question that are asked are by far, too breif. I answered a question the other day which asked "Staying on a horse." Now does this mean how to stay on a horse, how to get on a horse and there are way more possibilties than that! Here are some of the questions when I wrote this:

"Girls friends dominatting other girls"

"Where scrap 1" (of treasure,duh, but this may not be clear!)

"Wooly blue virls"

I mean come on what the hec is that all about. I suggest that we should make a rulebook about questions: All questions should be clear so that every player can answer them Question Marks MUST be used etc. What do you think? Somthing must be done!!

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