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After you kill Edgar Ross you can do anything you like. Finish stranger missions, Bounty's, gang hideouts or just be a serial killer and kill everyone you see :)do some stranger missions or wanted postersuhh go out roam have fun wreak havoc whatever the hell u want to doDo gang hideouts, go bounty hunting, Put on a bandana a wreak havoc, play games, do jobs, ride donkeys, punch bears, and best of all, try and kill HERBERT MOOOOON!!!!!!Go for the 100% completion and finish remaining stranger tasks.Anything, the world is free to explore!do what you want to do i'v beat the game and i'm still playing it.Whatever the f*ck you wantits a sandbox game do what you like untill you are bored, i am trying for 100% which is fun but sometimes irritable.complete side quests or do whatever the fuck you want toYou can complete other Stranger's tasks if you haven't already, but if you have, then there isn't really much else to do.Turn the game off.

Loot his body, he has $400

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