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2- Repeater Carbine

3- Throwing knives

4- Lusitano Nag (mount)

5- Volcanic Pistol

8-Winchester Repeater and Turkmen(mount)

9- Schofield Revolver

11-Pump Action Shotty

13-Springfield Rifle


17-Double Action Revolver

18-Sawed Off Shotgun

20-Rolling Block Rifle

22-Fire Bottle and Cleveland Bay(mount)

24-Semi Auto Pistol

26-Semi Auto Shotty

28-Carcano Rifle

32-Henry Repeater

33-Hungarian Half Bred

35-High Power Pistol

37-Double Barrel

40-Bolt Action Rifle and American Standard-bred(mount)

43-Evans Repeater

46-LeMat Revolver

49-Mauser Pistol

50 Buffalo Rifle and Bonzo(mount)

Looks to be level 15

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