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You can find cougars in all these areas. Use bait if you're having trouble.

1: Northern Gaptooth Ridge near silent stead.

2:In the swamp southwest of Thieve's landing, around Billy West's cabin

3:Western great plains, in and around Beecher's hope.

4:Western Tall Trees (EXTREMELY RARE, much more common in multiplayer).

5: Southeastern Nuevo Paraiso (not common, but possible).

Tips: * if you hang around Beecher's Hope long enough, Cougars will spawn there sometimes 5 or 6!

  • Cougars will not attack you in Beecher's Hope, which makes for an easy kill, however they will run off if frightened
* Cougars make a very loud and obvious Roar in the distance, if you want to kill one GET READY QUICK, if you do not want to find cougars, send yourself off at full gallop, they are hard to see and extremely quick.
  • Buy Medicine before you go into cougar country, they are as deadly as a bear, and three times as fast.
  • two swipes from a cougar will almost definitely kill you, and sometimes they come in one attack, if the cougar does decide to spare you with only one swipe, it will run off for a second and strike again, so when you get up immedietally take medicine, or the cougar will kill you.
  • Use Dead-Eye if nessisary.
  • if you asked this question because you wanted to get killed by a cougar, then you have wasted you're time and i've wasted mine. Thank You and have a nice day. (:

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