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They are most often found in West Elizabeth, in the areas east of Manzanita Post and south of Beecher's Hope, as well as in the western portion of Tall Trees.

They have also been found in other places, such as the Great Plains around the area where the Buffalo are found and north of Thieves' Landing.

Rare occurrences have taken place where the American Standardbred has also been found around Marston's farm in Beecher's Hope and north of Wreck of the Serendipity, as well as in Cholla Springs and around Chuparosa.

They can also sometimes be found galloping around the MacFarlane's Ranch at night (Evidence needs to be provided, as this is likely a sighting of the similar looking Dutch Warmblood).

Two American Standardbreds can also be found near Aurora Basin. Sometimes when walking through Rio Bravo you may also see this animal.

In rare occasions, this horse has been reported galloping with the Hungarian Half-Bred and the Kentucky Saddler. This is either a rare event, a game bug or a spawn code error.

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