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she did...When John rises from the dead, it's only a few months after he was killed. Abigail doesn't die until 1914, so she is still alive assuming she was not infected failed thats a false question she dose come back i done every possabilty on the game to see if the out come is differant it dosn't change they all come back from the deadAbigale was not dead at that time.that would be a good survivor mission

"i would call it. "meet the parents :D!After the cutscene where John returns home, it is followed by 'several months later' at that time John had been killed by the feds but Abigail and Jack are still alive. In the original singleplayer when you play as Jack, Abigail has died, possibly she was killed by Zombies?When you play as Zombie Marston the year is still 1911 not 1914 (the year Abigail died) so Abigail is still alivedon't know cuase she is a dumb girl @_@She does but you never see it

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