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Why did you put a u at the Why? Judging by your horrific grammar you were merely trying to troll the RDRWiki people, and that you haven't played for longer then 10 minutes. That or you read the box and when it said "Nudity" you thought "OH YEAH GUIZ DERS GUNNA BE PROSTITUES I CUN FAWK" Anyway go play the game and stop complaining.

Yeah i agree with the bad grammar quote, tell people what you mean by gay aswel maybe then you get better help other than people just mocking you for the idiot you are XD play the game all the way through then moan if you want

this game is amazing, unlike your grammer.


lol, I forgot to capitalize that sentence along with a bunch of other errors and inconsistences because I'm a hypocritical faggot.

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